Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reavers Socks

I finished the PDF for Reavers sock pattern that I started last week. The socks turned out so cute but I had so much trouble photographing my feet! Taking a picture of your own feet and getting the pattern in focus is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I think I got a few good photos finally.

I need to get my website updated and get the pattern on Ravelry for download. I'm going to charge $4 even though I should probably charge more since it was so time consuming to get together. Next I'm planning on a Cylon themed sock pattern. Here's where you can find the pattern:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Trying this again.

I promised myself months ago that I would not abandon my blog again but that's exactly what I ended up doing. So here is yet another attempt to keep this blog current. My etsy shop has been keeping so super busy that's part of the reason I haven't found the time to blog anything. Lately I've been on a Firefly inspired sock yarn binge and yesterday I added some Firefly themed spinning fiber. If you're not aware of Firefly it's an old TV show that was canceled before it finished it's run and then they made a movie. You can find episodes on Hulu if you're interested. Because I love my Firefly sock yarn so much I'm working on a Reavers sock pattern. I don't normally design sock patterns since there about a bajillion trillion million patterns out there but I have been on the search for a perfect pattern for the reavers sock yarn I dyed up and couldn't find it. The first sock is almost finished and as soon as it is I'm going to post the pattern up for sale. Also I recently moved all the patterns I have for sale to so they will be much easier to access now. I had a few people complain that the other PDF download site was difficult to use so I decided to switch to ravelry. Here are some photos of yarn that I have for sale :

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