Thursday, March 3, 2011

Firefly Reruns and Organic Merino

On March 6th the Science channel is going to start showing the old episodes of Firefly with some info about the science behind the series. I have been loving the Science channel lately because of that show "An Idiot Abroad." I feel a little mean because I think it's so funny but, it really is funny! When I found out that Firefly was returning to network TV it put me in the mood to dye up a bunch of Firefly fibery goodness! So I have a bunch of Firefly in the shop right now and I'm trying out a new yarn base that's organic superfine merino worsted. If it does well I'll add it to my list of bases that I always carry. I also want to thank everyone that has purchased some yarn and spinning fiber from Sophia's line "Sophie's Choice." Sophia is so excited whenever she makes a sale and she is ALWAYS asking when we are going to go work in the dye room again. Happy knitting happy spinning!

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