Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hobbit, Monster High and The Hunger Games

My latest offerings are based on The Hobbit and The Hunger Games! Sophia has a new collection based on Monster High. I went to see The Hunger Games recently and sat in the theater with my paper and pen taking notes. I just finished dyeing up another order for The Loopy Ewe and FINALLY got some of the colorways from THe Hunger Games on the dye table. My Hobbit collection has been selling like crazy and there will be so much more to come as more information about the film is released, especially after the movie comes out! Sophia is super crazy and Monster High so her latest collection was as easy one. She had the best time sitting at the computer looking at Monster High stuff and writing done colorway ideas. She has several of the dolls, the video game, some of the furniture, and is planning to be Draculaura for Halloween. We are also planning a Monster High birthday party for her 7th birthday. Once The Hunger Games is ready to list I will post all about it on Facebook and twitter! Be watching!

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