Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally Fall!

There are 3 ways that I know it's officially the start of Fall every year, 1. there's a chill in the air in the morning, 2. I find myself in the mood to go buy my yearly bushel of Jonathan apples, and 3. sales start to pick up. Number 3 is always my favorite. Fall and fiber just goes together so well. It's time to get started on all the seasonal knitting and how nice is it to sit down in front of the TV in your knitting chair and snuggle up under your latest project. I like to spend summer time getting spinning projects done in preparation for my fall and winter knitting. I have my knitting chair set up with my Ott light right behind it and a place for my latest projects next to it. My husband hates my knitting chair and is constantly trying to get me to get rid of it. It's old, it's broken, the fabric is worn in several places but it's comfortable and it fits the space between the wall and the couch so perfectly. It's the worst piece of furniture we own but it's my favorite place to sit. I think he worries about what the neighbors think of it but I don't care, if someone decides they hate it then they can buy me a new one. I started getting ready for fall when I was in the dye room on Monday. I have a bunch of Halloween and Fall colorways ready to list so be watching!

Soon I will need to make my yearly trip to the little farm we like to go to to get my bushel of apples. I get an entire bushel every year and then spend the next few weeks cooking all kinds of yummy things. Pies, apple sauce, apple bread, sausage stuffed apples, everything you can imagine. My favorite apple pie to make is called a french topped apple pie. Instead of putting another crust on top you mix up a blend of butter, brown sugar and flour and then sprinkle it on top. It is the best kind of apple pie! I made two of them and brought them to one of my husband's thanksgiving's and Grandma Mildred asked me with a tone of incredulousness if I had made the pies. My husband's family is from the country and I guess grandma thought that a girl from the suburbs couldn't possibly know how to cook. But one thing I definitely know how to do is cook! I often joke that the secret to mine and my husband's marriage is the fact that I love to cook and he loves to eat. He always looks forward to coming home for dinner and it's not unusual for me to call him around 8:30-9:00 in the morning and ask what he would like for dinner. He usually is like, "Uh, it's 8:30 in the morning I haven't event though about lunch yet." He looks forward to dinner the most when it's something I've never made before.

So Fall is here and I LOVE Fall! Nothing is better than knitting season so Happy Knitting and Happy Spinning everyone!

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