Monday, June 13, 2011

2000 Sales!

As of right now I am 6 sales away from 2000 in my etsy shop. Once I hit 2000 I am going to run a 3 day 20% off sale. I opened my shop 3 years ago and I can't believe I am on the precipice of 2000 sales! I remember when I first got it started I would look at other indie dyers shops and see their sales in the 1000's and think it seemed like an unreachable goal. So to be on the verge of 2000 is so amazing. The best thing about the etsy shop by far has been my customers. I have some of the most super awesome customers! The notes and photos I get from them always make me very happy. Just today I got a message from one of my customers who just opened an etsy shop of handspun yarn (her shop is AuntPeggy'sCloset and it opened yesterday go by and check it out) showing me what she had made from the spinning fiber she purchased from me. One of the braids was from Sophia's line "Sophie's Choice" called "Sophia's Favorite Colors." Sophia was bouncing with excitement when I showed her what someone had made from her fiber and she immediately said, "I want to spin right now." I've been teaching Sophia how to spin and even bought her her own wheel. She has a Kromski Mazurka which is the perfect size for her. She's planning to start offering her handspun yarn in the shop once she gets a good handle on the whole spinning process. Basically I feel very lucky to have built this little etsy shop into something I enjoy and make enough money from to allow me to stay home with my babies. Thank you everyone who has ever purchased from me and esp. to my regular customers! Here's to at least 2000 more sales!

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