Friday, April 15, 2011

Sci FI Yarn Queen, Yarn Crack Dealer, Pusher (Wo)man

Some of the things my customers have called me over the years. My reputation as the go to girl for all fibery goodness Sci Fi and other TV show related has gotten around over the past three years since I opened my etsy shop. I get contacted all the time for yarn dyed up based on characters that much of the time I have never even heard of. My husband is always telling me about Sci Fi shows I should watch so that I can come up with a line of yarn based on the characters. He has been pushing me to watch Farscape which I vaguely remember hearing of before he mentioned it. One movie trilogy that I have never done a collection for is Star Wars. I'm not sure why but I just haven't and I should. I loved those movie's when I was a kid. When return of the Jedi came out me and my friends used to fight over who would marry Mark Hamill when we grew up. We also used to pretend we were Princess Leia in the slave girl costume. I always wanted to dress up as her for Halloween but never thought I was thin enough. I have a friend whose having a baby and her husband is trying to convince her to decorate the new babies room Star Wars. I have to admit I think that is just AWESOME! But we'll see who wins that argument, she wants to decorate with a monkey theme. So I'm thinking that I need to do a collection based on Star Wars mostly because I love all the movie's. But that will have to wait until after the new season of Dr. Who starts, the day before my birthday, talk about an awesome birthday gift!

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