Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is here!

Fall is finally here and I have lots of fall and Halloween colorways that I have been dyeing up. As always if you see anything that I am sold out of but you want to order you can send me an email and I can make up a custom order. I am in the process of working on a new colorway line (teaser it's Sci Fi based big surprise!) that I hope to unveil in about 2 weeks. I am also looking into adding a new spinning fiber to the line up but I haven't made any decisions yet and if there is something you would like to see send me an email.

Now that it is cooling off I have been planning to spend more time sitting out on the patio with my wheel. I love to sit outside to spin but during the summer it's too hot to do that. I have a few projects that I am planning to get started on for fall and winter. I recently finished a tea cozy that I started knitting while laying out at the pool for that last time this season. The water at the pool that day was freezing so it was a perfect time to get some sun and knit. I can't tell you how many funny looks I got this summer because I like to take my knitting to the pool! I just started The Lacey Hug-Me-Tight pattern out of "Knit 2 Together" today using some black alpaca DK weight that I got from my supplier. I have noticed those circular cardigans more and more when I'm out shopping so I figured knitting one of those up was in order. The next project after the cardigan I finally want to get started on is a pair of the mermaid gloves based on the sock pattern Pomatomus by Cookie A. I was given a skein of Wollmeise in a swap (because I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world) about a year ago but I have been afraid to touch it. Since I'm finally ready to knit it up I was looking for the perfect pattern to show it off and remembered how I wanted to knit those gloves and I think the Wollmeise would be perfect! Life has been entertaining to say the least this summer but now that I will be able to be inside more I am hoping to remember to blog more and yes I will be doing a new podcast soon. I would have done one before but laziness prevailed. Happy Knitting and Happy Spinning!

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