Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

That is exactly how I feel! I wasn't sure I was going to survive the last week in April but I did and I'm here to tell about it. Allow me to explain. Way back in October Novemberish 2 things happened, my daughter got a part in her districts high school play and I went on a women's retreat at a church I had never been to before. I was very happy she got a part, I did high school theatre and loved it so I knew how much work it would be but knew it would be worth it for her. The retreat was something I was invited to by a friend. I'm technically Catholic and it was at a Catholic church so I was looking forward to a couple days of that Catholic experience. I had also just been put through the emotional wringer and was not a happy camper and I needed a couple days escape from reality. The retreat was supercalifragilistic wonderfully awesome, it's amazing how a couple days away helps you put things in perspective. So I was really excited to help with out with the next retreat. When I went to the first meeting one of the women mentioned that she had to go because her son was in a play that night so she left early. I then thought to myself, "Uh oh, Sophia is going to be in a play in April I hope the retreat doesn't end up being the same weekend, surely it won't be the same weekend." So a few days later I get an email entitled something like "Date for women's retreat." And as you probably guessed, yes, it was the same weekend as the play. By this time I'm not just helping with the retreat I'm one of the 2 directors, fantastic, how am I going to pull this off? Two important things the same weekend and I can't miss either one, at least not really. So I go through all the retreat planning meetings once a week and play practices once a week that turn into twice a week as the play gets closer. Then comes crunch time, the last week before the retreat and the play. About 2 weeks before the "last week." My husband calls to tell me, "Just to let you know the "last week" I'm going to be flying to Panama City Panama on Monday and coming home on Thursday night." "Please tell me you are joking." But no he wasn't joking, that week I had to take my daughter to play practice Monday night, dress rehearsal Tues. night and at the same time as dress rehearsal I had to be a retreat planning meeting, play practice wed. night, Thursday night the first performance, Friday night performance AND set up for the retreat that started on Sat. morning retreat directing all day Sat. and then a Sat. night performance and all day Sunday retreat directing. And I got to do it all with Jake out of town for most of the week and I should also mention that I had a 3 year old in tow the entire time. But, I made it through the week and was able to meet all my obligations which is a miracle unto itself. The play was wonderful the retreat was again amazing! Hosting the retreat was so much better than attending. So it was all worth the stress, but, I am very much enjoying not having anything to do but work and take care of the girls. (be on the lookout for more frequent listings now that I have more time to work) Yesterday I spent an hour playing a Tinker Bell game on my daughter's Nintendo DS and it was fabulous!

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