Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Collection Sophie's Choice

We have been getting a lot of snow here lately which means snow days for my oldest one. The other day while she was home I was packaging up some shipments like a do everyday when Sophia said to the little one "Baby, look Mommy has sold a bunch of yarn to a store!" I replied, "Well honey Mommy kind of IS the store I don't sell my yarn to stores." She said, "Someday I want to have my own store too." That got me thinking that even though she is too young to sign up for an etsy store she's not to young to come up with things for me to sell for her in my etsy store. So I asked if she would like to design her own collection of yarn and spinning fiber to which I received a very enthusiastic "YES!" So during her snow days last week she spent her time coming up with the names of all her designs based on her favorite things and telling me what colors to use. Then we spent the afternoon working together in the dye room. I didn't let her work with any of the dyes, she mostly just ran around the basement while I asked her what to dye up next, what yarn of fiber to use and then what colors we needed. She had such a good time though she kept telling me how much she loved working with Mommy. After we were finished we came upstairs and I overheard her tell her sister, "Baby guess what?! I am going to have my own store and sells things on my own internet!" When everything was dry she helped me reskein all the yarn, and then set up everything to photograph. The entire time we were working she kept saying things like, "I just love this day! Don't you just love working together with me Mommy? We are having so much fun, you are the best Mommy in the whole world! This is the best day ever!" She's very animated. I just listed her collection a little bit ago and I can't wait to see the look on her face when I tell her that she sold something for the first time. She will be helping me package up all the things she sells too! Please stop by my etsy store and take a look!

All of the profits made from her collection will go to her college fund that we set up in her name. I will let her spend a little sometimes but this will be a good way to teach her responsibility and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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