Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Order #2 for The Loopy Ewe!

This is what 270 skeins of sock yarn looks like:

Today the second order I made up for The Loopy Ewe was picked and is on it's way to Colorado! My first order for The Loopy Ewe was for some of my Corriedale spinning fiber (still my most popular fiber). I sent 8 braids each of 16 different colorways and so far there are 8 colorways left for sale. The order that I sent out today is for 15 skeins of 18 different colorways. This one is for sock yarn which everyone knows is what The Loopy Ewe is so famous for! I told one of my best customers about how I was going to start selling to The Loopy Ewe she said, "I always look there first when I'm shopping for sock yarn."

For the last three years I have been doing all my work for the shop using a swift that can handle only one skein at a time. When I got word from Sheri that The Loopy Ewe wanted to start doing business with me I knew I had to increase my winding capacity. So I told my husband that I needed him to design a swift for me that could handle more than one skein at a time to which he replied, "okay." My husband Jake can do almost anything, plumbing, electrical, dry wall, automobile repair, etc. Whenever I have something I need fixed I tell my husband, "Hey, I need you to do blah blah blah," and he says, "ok." And then finds a way to get it done. He does my invoices for me, helps me with my website, I just have to tell him what I need and he figures it out. He very handy to have around. So here's what he came up with for me:

It can wind up to 4 skeins at once and is motorized which means it goes super fast and cuts my work time down by more than 75%! Luckily a couple years my father in law made me a huge two sided dye table which means I can handle several skeins at once. For the longest time working on both sides was overkill so I usually used only half at a time. Once I started dying up stuff for The Loopy Ewe I was SO thankful to have a dye table that is so big! I wouldn't have been able to get this order done without it! I'm still so excited that I get to work with The Loopy Ewe. So, be on the lookout for my sock yarn on The Loopy Ewe's website! And there will be more yarn and fiber to come!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Loopy Ewe!

Anyone who's an avid knitter knows that The Loopy Ewe is one of the best online yarn shops with an amazing selection. Well a few weeks ago I got an email from Sheri the owner of The Loopy Ewe asking if I would be interested in doing wholesale with her. Normally I turn down wholesale accounts because it's more work for less money but this was THE LOOPY EWE!!!!! The same shop that sells Wollmeise, can't say no to that. So much to my excitement I got an order from Sheri for some of my Corriedale roving (which I personally think is my best fiber) got it dyed up, and she now has it for sale under her roving section. Next there will be sock yarn, my husband is working on a new swift for me so that I can better handle the capacity of the order. So be on the lookout for even more Woolen Mill St. Yarns products at The Loopy Ewe!

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